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Mon May 31 13:57:33 UTC 2010

love Dockray's "FACEBOOK SUICIDE (BOMB) MANIFESTO" and the point that we can
stick it to facebook by gumming up their system. database vandalism!

however, for many, quitting facebook is not really an option (e.g., because
all of your peers use it). another less extreme route is to simply have a
"fakebook" where you do not use your real name and fill your profile with
nonsense information. your real friends will still know who you are. you can
still use the site to network and enjoy what it offers while simultaneously
sticking it to facebook a bit by inserting so much false information (not to
mention it solves many of the privacy concerns).

i wrote it up a bit here: "Trade Your Facebook in for a Fakebook"

From: Sean Dockray <sean at e-rat.org>
A roadmap for an effective Facebook suicide should do some of the
following: catching as many viruses as possible; click on as many
?Like? buttons as possible; join as many groups as possible; request
as many friends as possible. Wherever there is the possibility for
action, take it, and take it without any thought whatsoever. Become a
machine for clicking! Every click dissolves the virtual double that
Facebook has created for you. It disperses you into the digital lives
of others you hadn?t thought of communicating with. It confuses your
friends. It pulls all those parts of the world that your social
network refuses to engage with back into focus, makes it present again.
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