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hey ICD!

I have been following the list for a few months now. Trebor has asked that I
introduce myself and in particular the areas of my research that intersect
with education.

I'm an ethnographer and currently finishing my phd in Sociology at UC San
Diego.  I analyze how under-served populations appropriate, play, and
interact with digital communication technology. I examine how cultural
orientations influence technology use, regulation, and design. My research
falls under the topic areas of urban computing, education, urban sociology,
migration, digital geo-politics, and inequalities.

For the last few years I've been researching technology use among youth and
families in a migrant-sending village in rural Oaxaca, Mexico and with
rural-urban migrants in China. I'll be moving back to China for one year on
a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct the final stage of my fieldwork where I
will be researching how migrant families use ICTs in urban areas. One of my
primary interests is to explore educational experiences that migrant youth
go through in quasi-legal to illegal migrant schools. I blog about my field
notes and ongoing thoughts about my research on http://culturalbytes.com,
and thoughts on urban computing at http://digitalurbanis.ms/.
my website is http://www.triciawang.com/.

Prior to my academic turn, I was a hip-hop education advocate in NYC. I
created conferences and trainings for educators across the country on best
practices in utilizing hip-hop as a pedagogical tool.

I'll be based in NYC this fall and moving to China in March. I would love to
talk to anyone who is working on these topics!

I'm excited to participate in the ICD community!

Tricia Wang/王圣捷
www.triciawang.com  |  tw at triciawang.com  |   mobile/手 机: +011 (918)
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