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Bo Stjerne Thomsen Bo.Stjerne.Thomsen at LEGO.com
Mon Aug 15 09:22:01 UTC 2011

Dear All,

I am running the LEGO Learning Institute and will be taking part in the Mobility Shifts with an intro to our work on the 'Future of Learning'.
I have a very diverse background in architecture, design and urban culture, engineering, interactive art and performative environments (PhD) as well as recently robotics, health care and new learning environments.
I shared some time with the smart cities and interactive environments with Bill Mitchell at the MIT Media Lab, and have been experimenting with architecture and design projects all around.

The LEGO Learning Institute carries out foundational research on creativity, learning and child development, and promotes new arenas of learning through partnerships with academic institutions, private research institutes and non-profit institutions.
We are funded by the LEGO Foundation and feel a special responsibility to respect and nurture the way children play, learn and develop their creativity.

We are engaged in a series of research projects together with academic institutions, and each year we carry out one foundational research study. Last year was concerned with the Future of Play (to be found on our website), and this year we are looking at the Future of Learning, especially concerned with supporting individual learning skills, informal DIY cultures and the development of new fertile grounds for curious minds outside of traditional educational systems.

It has been really exciting to engage in the learning discussion, and was particular fascinated with some of the work from Henry Jenkins:
'Young people have a richer intellectual creative life outside of school than inside school'.

My very best,
Bo Stjerne Thomsen, PhD
Senior Research Manager
LEGO Learning Institute

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