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Dear Daniela,
Excellent and apropos topic! I have many thoughts on this subject as I am
currently developing a global apprenticeship network via technology. I'm
interested in hearing more about your research and your apprenticeship
journey. It's the weekend here in Amman, so I'm heading out of the office. I
will respond later.  Thank you!
Suzanne Lettrick 

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> Dear ICD list,
> I was asked to facilitate a discussion this week, and thought this was a
> wonderful opportunity to bring up the subject of apprenticeship. First, some
> background: I am pursuing a dissertation at UC Berkeley's School of
> Information where I'm studying creative tools. My research sits at the
> intersection of material culture studies and computer interaction design. As
> part of this research, I spent some time as an apprentice bookbinder in the
> UK where I was taught how to take apart older books, restore them, and put
> them back together. This experience contrasted greatly with my experience as
> an undergraduate graphic design major at RISD, where I learned how to
> arrange type and graphics through iterative design critiques. In the
> bookbinding workshop there were no formal critiques; there was learning
> through doing.
> So my first question to this group is how the contemporary DIY ethic, and
> its accompanying how-to, step-by-step tutorials, work in comparison to a
> formal apprenticeship? Many researchers, including Jean Lave and Richard
> Sennett, have described the socially situated nature of craft apprenticeship
> and the importance of participating in a community of practice. But the ways
> in which digital instructional tools might play a role in this traditional
> skill development seems underdeveloped.
> A recent example of interest is the Tortellini-making computer
> game<http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1921148>developed by
> University of Bologna researchers (Roccetti et al, 2010). The
> game enables a novice pasta-maker to hone his or her pasta-making skills by
> watching video of an expert, replicating her workmanship, and responding to
> a system which tracks and evaluates the player's imitated actions. The tool
> thus combines video and gesture recognition techniques to simulate in-person
> instruction. Instead of studying alongside a master craftsman for seven
> years, a similar system might provide a scaffolded environment for learning
> a range of hand skills.
> Yet what skills are learned through such a game? And how do those skills
> compare to in-person instruction or apprenticeship? As experts in
> educational technology, I am curious how you respond to the concept of
> apprenticeship and technology's role in facilitating such work, more
> generally.
> All the best,
> Daniela
> --
> ~-:~-:~-:~-:~-:~-:~-:~-:~
> Daniela Rosner
> Ph.D. Candidate
> School of Information, UC Berkeley
> http://ischool.berkeley.edu/~daniela
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