[iDC] Mobility Shifts: Introducing the Youth and Media Lab

andres lombana bermudez lombana at alum.mit.edu
Mon Aug 29 18:04:54 UTC 2011

Hi iDC list,

My name is Andres Lombana Bermudez and I am looking forward to participating
in Mobility Shifts. Joyce Neys, Nathaniel Levy, and I are going to run a
workshop on curriculum design based on our work at the Berkman Center for
Internet and Society's Youth and Media (YaM) Lab. Our workshop will focus
primarily on how to use collaborative design and the rapid prototyping
process towards the creation of new learning activities—designed for both
formal and informal learning environments—that foster greater understanding
and awareness of information quality among youth.

The YAM Lab  launched in 2011 at the Berkman Center with the goal of
bridging research, policy, and practice by bringing youth into the process
of producing research on digital learning and youth-related privacy and
information quality issues. The Lab’s activities are divided into three main
tracks: exploratory research, curriculum building, and tool development. The
research track encompasses data collection (focus group interviews and
surveys) and policy-oriented publications (based on a major YaM literature
review on information quality, due for publication Fall 2011).

Building upon these findings, the curriculum track aims to develop and test
educational modules on on privacy- and information quality-related issues in
collaboration with youth (for example, some modules have kids role-play in
the evaluation of social media content; others are structured as web-based
scavenger hunts for information) . Third, the Lab’s team seeks to develop a
set of media literacy tools (“navigation aids for cyberspace”), including an
application to assess news quality, a set of privacy badges, etc.

Programatically, the YAM Lab would like to bring select youth to the Berkman
Center for a sustained period of time to produce corps of young people that
leave with an intimate knowledge of adult conversations about youth-tech
issues and the confidence and capacity to initiate workshops or trainings in
their own communities. The YAM lab also intends to share the curriculum with
youth media organizations and educators.

Our individual introductions can be found in this thread.
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