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Jonah Bossewitch mrenoch at phantomcynthetics.com
Mon Jun 27 04:34:48 UTC 2011


My name is Jonah Bossewitch (@mrenoch) and I have been a lurker and
occasional participant on idc for a few years.

I am a native New Yorker and work full time as a technical architect  at
Columbia's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning
(http://ccnmtl.columbia.edu).  I have over a decade of experience as a
professional software architect, designer, and developer. I am an active
free software contributor whose technical interests include GNU/Linux,
Python, Course/Content Management, and social software.  (I am also a
doctoral candidate in communications at our journalism school. I am
researching the twin themes of surveillance and madness, which has more
to do with digital learning than might be immediately obvious ;-)).

CCNMTL was founded in 1999 to enhance teaching and learning through the
purposeful use of new media and technology. In partnership with faculty,
the Center supports efforts ranging from basic course website management
to advanced project development -- check out our portfolio

We are a service organisation within the library that works with our
faculty to help improve their teaching and learning.  Our research
methods follow the design research approach
(http://ccnmtl.columbia.edu/dr/) and we work with faculty from
disciplines across the university. Our custom work picks up where course
management and commodity services leave off, and we have developed
numerous projects which rely heavily multimedia, collaboration, and
annotations.We have worked on multimedia AIDS  interventions with the
school of social work, sustainable development projects with the Earth
Institute, race relations with African-American studies, genocide
prevention simulations, and many more.

I am /very/ interested in everything going on at this conference,
including Trebor's commitment to re-evaluating conferencing itself.  I
love how hard he works to try to get a conversation started before we
arrive, and I hope this model spreads.

I co-authored this chapter (with my colleague who has since moved on to
the NY Dept of Ed) on teaching with video for the anthology accompanying
the conference:


and we will be hosting this hands-on workshop to share our experiences
and demonstrate our tools  in action:


We are determined to run an instance of Mediathread for the Mobility
Shifts conference and will keep you posted on our progress:


Looking forward to meeting you all in person!


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