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Fri Jun 17 16:16:29 UTC 2011

Giselle Beiguelman

Interaction has become one of the most recurring words in
contemporaneity. It has invaded the advertising discourse, transformed
into a commodity of the information and telecom industry, and
consolidated as one of the dimensions of mediated and mediatized
sociability that supports social networks as Facebook and alikes. In
that context, to produce and critically evaluate art projects aligned
under the rubric "interactivity" is both a challenge and a complex
In a world where from the telephone to the TV set, passing by the
refrigerator, everything promises interaction and connection, what
could be worth of note and reflection? What hasn't yet been promised
and delivered by the seductive gadgets that surround us, and by the
corporate instances through which we express and construct our
Those questions are the points of departure in my presentation. I will
discuss the DIY aesthetics based on some projects =E2=80=93 by me and other
artists =E2=80=93 which I think are showing possibilities of problematizing=
a creative and critical way the uses of media and of networks,
stretching the field of interactivity beyond the mere applicability
embedded in their industrial projects.
Some of the projects I will certainly discuss: Newstweek (Julian
Oliver e Danja Vasiliev, 2011), Face to Facebook (Alessandro Ludovico
and Paolo Cirio), Gambiologia (Fred Paulino & Lucas Maffra), Mobile
Crash (Lucas Bambozzi), Sour-Mirror (Masashi Kawamura, Tomohiko
Koyama, Hiroki Ono, Qanta Shimizu), Time Notes (Gustavo Romano) and by
myself Suite4MobileTags (with Mauricio Fleury) and Chipped Movie.

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