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Nathaniel Levy nlevy at cyber.law.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 1 19:17:12 UTC 2011

Hello all-

Following Andres' introduction of the Berkman Center's Youth and Media Lab
to the iDC list, I would like to add a few words about myself.

I am Research Assistant with the Berkman Center's Youth and Media group,
which oversees several projects relating to youth use of digital
technologies. While we have a strong proclivity for policy-oriented
research, we are currently engaged in an eclectic mix of research and
programming efforts, chief among which (at the moment) is the Youth and
Media Lab, which will be the focus of our workshop at MobilityShifts. The
Lab provides means of engaging youth in the creation of learning materials
on information quality and digital privacy and facilitating their
participation in policy debates. (this article may provide some context for
what me mean by information quality:
Our workshop will specifically focus on the design process that has guided
our creation of such learning materials.

Looking forward to talking and sharing further!

Nathaniel Levy
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