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Hi, everyone--

I just graduated from MIT with a Masters in Comparative Media Studies,
where I researched the peer economy from a labor perspective
been following the regulatory efforts around Uber, Airbnb, Lyft closely
over the last two years (reading the bills, exchanges, etc.) and have been
in conversation with providers across those platforms as well as policy
directors for those companies. I've also spoken publicly about this subject

Trebor beautifully fleshes out a hurdle in this area, which is the poor
terminology and how that skewers the conversation. This has real world
implications; I elaborated on these implications in a lightning talk at a
"sharing economy" conference, and it might be helpful in framing our
conversation here:


Anyhow, am happy to talk about the peer economy anytime. I recently
received a gift from Microsoft Research
do more ethnographic fieldwork in the area, and am locating the cadre of
scholars interested in the p2p marketplace side of things.

Denise Cheng
Twitter: @hiDenise <http://twitter.com/hiDenise>

hiDenise.com <http://hidenise.com/>

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> Greetings from balmy New York City. It has been exciting to read through
> all of your proposals and now the introductions, and posts to the mailing
> list.

> This is just as good a time as any to jump in and say hello, starting with
> a reference to a short intervention that I just wrote for Public Seminar,
> trying to decompress my thoughts about the so-called "sharing economy." I
> will just leave it at that and see if there is anybody on the list who has
> followed the protests against Uber, and the regulatory efforts concerning
> Airbnb.

> http://www.publicseminar.org/2014/06/the-politics-of-the-sharing-economy/#.U7FkPaiXvjA

> ~ Trebor

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