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Byron Peters byron.peters at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 15:50:12 UTC 2014

Dear all:

Happy Summer! My apologies for the extremely late intro. I've been more off
the grid than usual, but now back into the flow of things. I've really
enjoyed reading all of the intros and beginnings to conversations --- this
is looking to be fantastic.

I'll be presenting around a project "Songs for Non-Work," a platform where
thousands of Amazon MTurk workers were paid Silicon Valley minimum wage
(10/hr USD) to not-work in one-minute intervals. Workers also had the
option of recording and contributing audio, which forms a lengthy unedited
soundscape - I've been very interested Dziga Vertov's notion of sound
as a "factory
of facts <http://www.ubu.com/sound/vertov.html>," experimenting with sound
as an entryway into thinking about post-work imaginaries (such as discussed
by Kathi Weeks) and alternative ideas to basic income.

I live in London and am doing a brief residency at the White Building this
summer. If you're interested, there's some more info on my collaborative
and individual projects here <http://www.byronpeters.com/>.

One recent writing (co-authored with Jacob Wick <http://www.jacobwick.info/>)
is "Scripting Misperformance, Misperforming Scripts
<http://byronpeters.com/files/peterswick.pdf>," published in Fillip 19, a
brief look at the structures of chance, chaos and resilience in data
structures and disjunct socialities (for example, in Amazon Web Services Chaos
or the compositions of John Cage). I'm quite interested in contradictions
of capital and where economic feedback loops model some of the inherent
properties of creative destruction (such as in that GWEI project
<http://www.gwei.org/index.php> or even that sleepify

Ok, that's enough for now. I can't wait to meet you all in person, and to
continue these discussions here in the meantime.

Please feel free to get in touch, and looking forward!


Byron Peters
UK: +44 07763 373368

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