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Orit Halpern halperno at newschool.edu
Mon Jun 16 21:14:55 UTC 2014

Hello Everyone,
I am looking forward to the conference. I was a fond participant in the 
2009 event.

I am an assistant professor at the New School in Historical Studies and 
in the Design Studies MA program at Parsons. My work is on histories of 
big data, cybernetics, and interactivity.  Currently, I work a lot on 
ubiquitous computing, responsive environments, and smart cities, 
particularly in East Asia. I also work on histories of intelligence, all 
forms--CIA, neuro-science, financial agents, neural nets--many of which 
are linked.

At the conference, I will be presenting a history of agent based 
intelligence/modelling, and the transformations of crowds into clouds. 
Its part of a new book project I am doing titled /Strange Agency/:/A 
History of Post-War Intelligence.

/If you want to know more, you can check my website: www.orithalpern.net

I look forward to the conference and meeting everyone!
Take care,

Dr. Orit Halpern
Assistant Professor
The New School for Social Research/Eugene Lang College
80 Fifth Avenue
Room 507
New York, NY. 10011
w: www.orithalpern.net

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