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Renée Ridgway ridgway at northeastwestsouth.net
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Hello everyone,

Apologies for my late intro…

I am currently a PhD fellow at Copenhagen Business School in their Management, Philosophy and Politics department in cooperation with Leuphana University’s Digital Cultures Research Lab where I am a Research Associate (http://cdc.leuphana.com/people/). My research merges artistic and curatorial practice with digital economies in regard to online remuneration along with investigating the conceptual as well as technological implications of ‘search’. Before embarking on my PhD I have been working as an artist, free-lance curator, writer and educator in Amsterdam. My writings on contemporary art and its complicities can be found at n.e.w.s. (http://northeastwestsouth.net), with recent contributions to publications OPEN! (http://onlineopen.org) and to Data Browser series: 'Disrupting Business' with a critique of crowdfunding (http://disruptiv.biz/disruptingbusiness)

The last few years I have been conducting research regarding online remuneration, now coined ‘Paid Usership.’ It started when I co-initiated n.e.w.s. in 2009, a collective online platform for the analysis and development of art-related activities. The whole concept was to address Web 2.0 tactics of ‘free’ labour and to pay contributors for content online. Although at times successful in terms of contributors not labouring for free, usually supported by grants from various institutional support systems, the last years in particular have drawn on arranging deals in which other forms of remuneration outside of money, are the modus operandi. These ‘currencies’ range from pure barter, quid pro quo, gifting, recycling, yet without a Flattr button or crowdfunding campaign.

For the Digital Labour conference I am intending to give this discussion of Paid Usership a kickstart, pun intended, with anyone who wants to join in. Part of the discussion itself will involve the larger question of how to remunerate the people who will be participating in this ‘performance/lecture’. Working on that as I write ;) Ideally it would be nice to open it up beforehand and run it at n.e.w.s. and to enable other networks to participate at a distance, perhaps with Back Channeling via Twitter, etc. during the presentation at Digital Labour.

Please let me know if you would like to participate: ridgway at northeastwestsouth.net

Looking forward to Digital Labor 2014

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