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Jasmine Rault raultj at newschool.edu
Fri Oct 3 17:31:07 UTC 2014

Hi all,
I work here at The New School, in Culture and Media, teaching feminist and
queer cultural studies, and I'll be presenting as part of the "Research and
Practice on Feminist / Feminized Digital Labor" Long Table discussion with
several colleagues from The New School.

My research these days looks at trans- feminist and queer cultural and
intellectual economies and social lives. I've published a couple recent
articles on this topic, to give a sense of what's been on my mind: “The
Labour of Being Studied in a Free Love Economy” (with T.L. Cowan) in
*ephemera* (2014)
and “Speculative Praxis Towards a Queer Feminist Anti-Archive: A
Collaborative Research-Creation Project” (with T.L. Cowan & Dayna McLeod)
in *Ada: a Journal of Gender, New Media & Technology* (2014)
http://dx.doi.org/10.7264/N3PZ573Z. I've also been thinking about
racialized economies of debt, though not specifically in digital culture,
which one could check out, were they at all inclined, over here: "Trading
Credit for Debt: Queer History-Making and Debt Culture," (with Cowan) in
*WSQ* (2014)

Looking forward to meeting everyone soon!



Jasmine Rault
Assistant Professor Culture and Media
Eugene Lang College, The New School
65 W 11th, Room 66
New York, NY, 10011
raultj at newschool.edu
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