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Marisa Jahn marisa at studiorev.org
Mon Oct 6 13:47:23 UTC 2014

Hi All -

I’m an artist, immersive media-maker, Research Fellow at MIT Open Doc Lab,
and the co-founder of Studio REV-, a New York-based non-profit art, media,
and social-justice studio that combines sound research and bold ideas to
impact the lives of low-wage workers, immigrants, and teens.

I’m keen to connect with folks DL14 because my current work is driven by
the question of how we can combine art and tech in ways to foster an
inclusionary data society — particularly for those who don’t normally have
broadband access.

I’ve been thinking through these questions through a few projects and am
curious to hear about other examples you all know of. Last week, Studio
REV-, Research Action Design, and Centro de los Derechos del Migrante
launched Contratados <http://www.studiorev.org/p_contratados.html> — a
Yelp! for migrant workers, a set of psychedelic audionovelas and
pocket-sized comics that inform the United States' 90,000 H-2A and H-2B
visa-holding migrant workers from Mexico about their rights.

A recent collaboration with the National Domestic Workers Alliance includes The
NannyVan <http://www.nannyvan.org>, a bright orange mobile design studio
and sound lab that accelerates the movement for domestic workers’ rights.
With its colorful superhero design, pull-out carts, and and Nanthem (nanny
anthem) on blast, Team NannyVan has convened thousands of workers,
employers, and allies in creative media workshops that transform individual
stories into larger global narratives — while creating tools used in
on-the-ground outreach ranging from know-your-rights flyers to the Domestic
Worker App accessible by any kind of phone.

Looking forward and with

Warmest Regards,


Marisa Morán Jahn

Founder, Studio REV-

Research Affiliate, MIT Open Doc Lab

marisa at studiorev.org | 917-902-5396

*studiorev.org <http://studiorev.org/>* | marisajahn.com
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