[iDC] MTurk to Require Requester SS#/EIN

Kristy Milland kmilland at ryerson.ca
Fri Sep 12 13:36:01 UTC 2014

>As the poster says, this may stop some potential abuses where requesters
>switch accounts to escape poor TurkOpticon ratings.
>I haven't followed /r/mturk lately; does anyone know if any other changes
>have come into play lately? I saw another post that suggested 'rejections'
>no longer carry as much weight.

It also completely blocks Requesters from outside the US, so there's 
that. And that's bad. A flood of international Requesters signed up 
on TurkerNation when the policy was announced, and none were too 
pleased. Most have now moved to other platforms, but aren't happy 
with the results for the most part. In return, we've set up a 
third-party service (mTurkData.com) to allow them to return to mTurk 
by posting through a US account. It's not pretty, but it'll do for now.

Rejections carry just as much weight as ever, which is none if the 
Turker is smart and knows how to manage their account properly. Only 
new people are greatly affected by rejections. It is blocks which 
carry true weight, but even they don't do much when it comes to 
getting rid of bad Turkers. I know of a worker who systematically 
cheats Requesters by creating scripts which automate the process of 
research, answer creation, and submission of HITs. I believe he has 
the Masters qualification, even though he has MULTIPLE blocks on his 
account for cheating. Go figure.

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