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Hi All,

I too will go back to the woodwork after a brief introduction.

My name is Dorothy Howard and I work in archives and as the
at the Metropolitan Library Council. My Wikipedia job is to facilitate
institutional partnerships with Wikipedia and public domain content
donations. Wikipedia is often described as the most successful crowdsourced
experiment in history.

I’ve been doing research and writing on labor exploitation and Wikipedia
after having noticed that the rhetoric and culture of the Wikipedia
community and the Open Access movement encourage unpaid labor for the
greater good. In recent months, I've also observed more and more 3rd party
websites outside of Wikipedia capitalizing off of the diligent labors of
Wikipedia volunteers. The only thing currently online I've written on this
topic is an unpublished essay
but I am working towards a book on this subject.

I also admin a Facebook group, “Immaterial Digital Labor
<https://www.facebook.com/groups/immaterial.labor/>,” which has grown to
455 members in a matter of months and which, I hope, brings the digital
labor debates and surrounding topics to the attention of those who might
otherwise not be informed.


Dorothy Howard

*Dorothy Howard *

*dorohoward at gmail.com <dorohoward at gmail.com> *
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