[iDC] introductions

Örsan Şenalp orsan1234 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 14:26:49 UTC 2014

Dear friends,

I am Orsan Senalp, founder of NetwOrg [http://networg.nl]. I currently
manage and coordinate several online projects like Social Network
Unionism blog [ https://snuproject.wordpress.com/about],Networked
Labour website and email list [http://www.networkedlabour.net/about],
and Global Networked Labour Union (GNUnion) project
[http://gnunion.wordpress.com]. I continuously think, talk, act,
research, write, invent, present, share, and collaborate with others
in diverse fields of, among others distributed and networked politics,
transnational and informational political economy of labour and social
movements, collaborative online self-organising and action, and
collective campaigning. Some of the things I wrote can be read here
[https://independent.academia.edu/%C3%96rsan%C5%9Eenalp], and some of
my presentations can be viewed here [

With Frank Kashner, founder of Says-Us.net we will be giving a status
update regarding our collaboration around our autonomous projects
GNUnion <> Says-Us. Here is a ppt in progress, that I did share at
Interference in Amsterdam last month, with an emphasis on GNUnion:

Frank will be introducing himself and his project separately. And our
updated presentation will focus on Says-Us and its possible
application to Digital Labour organising.


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