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_manu Luksch manu at ambienttv.net
Sun Apr 19 22:29:25 UTC 2009

hi thingsters,

I guess lurking forever is not an option ;-), so I thought this thread of
cherishing wolfgang's art suits me to post my miaow from london: 'meow!'

Thanks for inviting me onto the list, I am absolutely sharing the excitement
about a neothingie - realspace - platform.

together with my partner mukul, I am running ambient.space in london, where
Wolfgang produced a photographic sequence of our view last year. (Which is
documented our hot-from-the-printer publication 'Ambient Information
Systems', which we launched at the centre pompidou three days ago, to
mention our "current craziness", and hope to bring to the States sometimes
...). the publication contextualises &documents our doings of the last
decade as interdisciplinary artists. www.ambientTV.NET

I was wondering which catalyst triggered the search for a physical
exhibition space and if it will mainly be for 'exhibition'or also other
in-progress functions? maybe I am just generally hungry for more of your
thoughts &intentions about the new space....

transatlantic greets,


> in the event of wolfgang's exhibition opening tonight at postmasters...
> having considered the composition of its press release...
> http://calendar.artcat.com/event/view/1/9259
> i ask...
> when standing before a staehle photographic sequence...
> do i realize the perpetual Aufhebung...the simultaneity to cancel and to
> keep? am i deep within the perpetual "now"?
> or do i realize that this moment is the part of the whole that divides it?
> the fatal instant that makes a farce of time?
> ???
> or is it that the "now" is a farce?
> (please forgive my inappropriate use of this forum to remind everyone of the
> show tonight...but hope to see you there.)
> arfus 
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