[thingist] What about a subjective, evolving, archive?

arfus greenwood arfus at thing.net
Tue Jul 20 21:02:08 UTC 2010

joseph...so good!

i so second jerome's initiative and worry not whether it is letter for  

i guess i don't need to reiterate that i love all ideas and want a  
terrible mess of content!

(well i don't really love ALL ideas but all ideas realized are  

quite frankly we could begin to post these lovely dialogues (maybe not  
including my stupid interruptions) in a bbs style on the site...and  
already we have the start of process as product in keeping with the  
early thing.

and why not co-opt history, tongue-in-cheek, to inform the style of  
our methods today?

cheers, arfus

On Jul 20, 2010, at 10:37 AM, Joseph Nechvatal wrote:

> > number one, MoMA still has the box of ephemera (flyers, disks,  
> posters,
> > press releases, the classic thing baseball cap, etc.) that was  
> given to
> > barbara london about ten years ago (...)
> Well, this should be returned ASAP!
> > number two, jerome joy, who runs the audio lab at villa arson in  
> nice,
> > started collecting snippets of history on the web and on mailing  
> lists
> > and put a web site together: A brief history of The Thing - '91 to  
> '07
> > http://thing.nujus.net/index.php?page=The+Thing+History
> > (this was a spontaneous individual initiative, so kudos to jerome!)
> > it's by no means a comprehensive history, but an excellent starting
> > point. and as if anticipating this discussion, jerome installed a  
> wiki
> > for the collection of more material which - as i understand it -  
> now is
> > open to everyone to contribute. maybe jerome can say something more
> > about this: http://thing.nujus.net/
> This is a joy to discover!! Needs to come out of the shadows, I think.
> Jerome, if you write (edit) a condensed version of this I will  
> create a Wikipedia page from what you send me.
> Unless there is resistance to this idea. Of course this can be  
> amended at any point.
> > gunther reisinger also took three large containers of documents  
> from our
> > filing cabinets and had them scanned and put into an on-line  
> archive.
> > unfortunately the reproductions are so small that they are virtually
> > useless. i also would have liked to be involved in the  
> prioritization
> > and contextualization of the material (as far as i know, this was  
> done
> > by a young intern); at the moment i cannot make heads nor tails  
> from it:
> > http://netpioneers.info/node/17
> A cruel joke. I just look a look - well not even a look as the  
> images are ANTI RETINAL!
> This perhaps should be taken off the net and the material returned  
> for a proper treatment (someday).
> I still think giving everything to a professional or university  
> archive could/would mend all the blows against the empire and  
> restore TT's sense of dignity.
> +
> Joseph
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