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 hallo it's  barbara strebel here  from The swiss Thing (  thing.ch - now
redirected to  artcast.ch or .info)

 can make a contribution with my:
1- audio interviews  (TT andrea kallfelz) and  other  net artist:  heath
bunting, amy alexander and ... graham harwood) let me see my backlog
2- data : once i  take apart my computer  from 1995- the swiss thing. if
there is a  forma   project   i can  start t  try to seek some funding for
this archival work:   the swiss thing projects ( that no  did not interact
much w thing.net .
3- t i  might have found  some personal  documents (  images) and older
files. of ealier feswtival / meetings: TTvienna ? Linz? transmediale?
 i need some time and   a forma project   so that i can try to  submit for
funding, to  do this  in a proper way (  formats)
welcome any  experience  with data recovery? my laptop  1996 and  pizza box
1995, the  BBS server was taken apart.


On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 11:20 PM, Jerome Joy <joy at thing.net> wrote:

> Hi Joseph,
> was not online, but no time today to write a reply.
> but ok, I'm here now ;-), you can edit the page and make some corrections
> or improve the presentation I began.
> As I told you, this editing was a draft ready for a further exploration and
> writing. Most of things come out from copy/paste of various texts, messages,
> archives, etc. I have compiled along the years.
> I'm sure that we can develop a better text and presentation.
> Are you all ok to participate to the wiki ?
> My proposition is to write a series of texts, based on interviews,
> archives' probing, etc. which can offer various aspects of TT :
> documentation, studies, essays, notes, reports, etc.
> A large part could concern graphic (and sound) documentation (photos,
> videos, etc.).
> Thus we can cross information (from different sources and references) and
> validate the outputs.
> And the better, I think, it's to do it together...
> sounds good ?
> Joseph, to go swiftly, what are the parts you don't include within the
> Wikipedia presentation ?
> I answer to your question below.
> BTW I'm interested to translate it for the French Wikipedia.
> I know that one French editor (maybe in collaboration with another French
> one) could be interested in publishing a French book about TT history. Maybe
> the better idea is to do our collective work about editing (on the wiki for
> instance), and the final output could be published (in English, German and
> French, and .... according to the editors who are ready).
> And thanks Caspar,
> I guess I've got other archives on my hds, but the recollection requires
> more time and to take a period of work to achieve or to approach a reliable
> publication (weeks). And I guess it will be more simple when the whole TT
> archive (servers) will be online to recover information and documentation.
> As I said, our editing work, such as studies, essays and reports, will
> concern the enlightment of art aspects of the TT projects...
> If you are interested in, here are some documentation (archives) concerning
> homestudio.thing.net and jukebox.thing.net
> http://jeromejoy.org/w/index.php?page=Homestudio.thing.net
> the current informations about these projects, and other ones (
> lascaux2.info for instance, or forum hub which was on TT) are accessible
> from the frontpage. (Reminder : this website jeromejoy.org is currently
> under construction : I'm currently gathering all my archives)....
> best and warmly
> jerome
> Le 21 juil. 10 à 16:32, Joseph Nechvatal a écrit :
> OK. I take it Jerome is offline. So I did an edit on what he had below.
> Check it out everyone before I paste it into http://en.wikipedia.org (or
> stop me if you hate this idea).
> I will need a sub-description (it will be hidden for the most part) to
> seperate The Thing out from the film and everything else Thingy. Is this
> OK? (Net Art Project)
> So please quickly read this and make any cuts or changes. Of course I or
> anyone can change the page after I create it - but the scrutiny will be very
> strict. Not that it won't be right away.
> BTW, what are the page #'s on TT in the Dieter Daniels, Gunther Reisinger
> (Eds.) “Net Pioneers 1.0: Contextualizing Early Net-Based Art”, Sternberg.
> 2010?
> cheers
> Joseph Nechvatal
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