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Jerome Joy joy at thing.net
Wed Jul 21 21:20:57 UTC 2010

Hi Joseph,

was not online, but no time today to write a reply.
but ok, I'm here now ;-), you can edit the page and make some  
corrections or improve the presentation I began.
As I told you, this editing was a draft ready for a further  
exploration and writing. Most of things come out from copy/paste of  
various texts, messages, archives, etc. I have compiled along the years.

I'm sure that we can develop a better text and presentation.

Are you all ok to participate to the wiki ?
My proposition is to write a series of texts, based on interviews,  
archives' probing, etc. which can offer various aspects of TT :  
documentation, studies, essays, notes, reports, etc.
A large part could concern graphic (and sound) documentation (photos,  
videos, etc.).
Thus we can cross information (from different sources and references)  
and validate the outputs.
And the better, I think, it's to do it together...

sounds good ?

Joseph, to go swiftly, what are the parts you don't include within  
the Wikipedia presentation ?
I answer to your question below.

BTW I'm interested to translate it for the French Wikipedia.
I know that one French editor (maybe in collaboration with another  
French one) could be interested in publishing a French book about TT  
history. Maybe the better idea is to do our collective work about  
editing (on the wiki for instance), and the final output could be  
published (in English, German and French, and .... according to the  
editors who are ready).

And thanks Caspar,

I guess I've got other archives on my hds, but the recollection  
requires more time and to take a period of work to achieve or to  
approach a reliable publication (weeks). And I guess it will be more  
simple when the whole TT archive (servers) will be online to recover  
information and documentation. As I said, our editing work, such as  
studies, essays and reports, will concern the enlightment of art  
aspects of the TT projects...

If you are interested in, here are some documentation (archives)  
concerning homestudio.thing.net and jukebox.thing.net


the current informations about these projects, and other ones  
(lascaux2.info for instance, or forum hub which was on TT) are  
accessible from the frontpage. (Reminder : this website jeromejoy.org  
is currently under construction : I'm currently gathering all my  

best and warmly


Le 21 juil. 10 à 16:32, Joseph Nechvatal a écrit :

> OK. I take it Jerome is offline. So I did an edit on what he had  
> below. Check it out everyone before I paste it into http:// 
> en.wikipedia.org (or stop me if you hate this idea).
> I will need a sub-description (it will be hidden for the most part)  
> to seperate The Thing out from the film and everything else Thingy.  
> Is this OK? (Net Art Project)
> So please quickly read this and make any cuts or changes. Of course  
> I or anyone can change the page after I create it - but the  
> scrutiny will be very strict. Not that it won't be right away.
> BTW, what are the page #'s on TT in the Dieter Daniels, Gunther  
> Reisinger (Eds.) “Net Pioneers 1.0: Contextualizing Early Net-Based  
> Art”, Sternberg. 2010?
> cheers
> Joseph Nechvatal

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