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Sat Feb 18 04:22:40 UTC 2012

dear yasir,

i remember the contest, unfortunately the green leather jacket doesn't
exist anymore and neither does a picture of me wearing it.  these days i
am wearing suits, maybe i can offer this clip as a consolation price:

i cc to peter fend, maybe he'll chip in if he's not busy getting high on
methane.  he just had a show in some dump on essex street and every dork
in the art critical establishment had to review it...

looks like you're doing fine.  oxford?  i thought you're in pakistan.

best regards,


On Fri, 2012-02-17 at 23:32 +0500, yasir ~يا سر wrote:
> HaHa
> On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 11:48 PM, James Allan <james.allan at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>         On 26 January 2011 00:47, w <w at thing.net> wrote:
>                 If nobody says anything I will call in Peter Fend...
>         "One could call this blog a series of pan-decade reviews."
>         Peter Fend, 2 February 2010
>         The series was short lived. One post in a year. Even
>         Cistercians talk more than that. Compared to him I'm a regular
>         Bob Hope.
>         Anyway, I hope it works out with Peter and his biofuel
>         experiment. Here in Oxford the artists growing things take a
>         slightly more pragmatic approach to renewables and grew hops
>         on their allotment then turned them into beer. I've had a few
>         bottles and can say that it does increase energy and recommend
>         beer as nice change to drinking petrol. 
>         http://www.modernartoxford.org.uk/whats-on/the-fermenting-room-return-of-the-rhizome/about/
>         By the way, before you close the list I'd like to remind
>         Wolfgang that 10 years ago Blackhawk ran a short contest
>         online relating to the phrase, 'When I hear the word culture I
>         reach for my gun.' The prize was a photo of you wearing, if I
>         remember correctly, a green leather jacket. 
>         I won and I still haven't received my picture. I know you've
>         been busy but I am getting concerned. 
>         Now when I hear the word culture I reach for my mouse. No
>         prizes for that.

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