[mapping] Getting started

Trebor Scholz trebor at thing.net
Sun Jan 16 13:18:23 EST 2005

Dear all,

Sergio's map of Sao Paolo arrived yesterday.
Thanks very much!

We took the first step of the title: SubmaP.

Looking at the overwhelming size of Sao Paolo on the map
I wonder if it'd may be best to start with two areas:
Central and East. But I remember Lucia wanting to map an area in which her
research took place in order to visualize it. So maybe other areas would
have to be the beginning. But indeed a selection of two or three areas may
be best. It was important to me that not all areas that we map are usually
represented by the tourist board. So, it'd be good to map underprivileged
areas that are usually overlooked, left out.
To be able to start - it'd be good to see who is on board and ready to start
working on it. Then we could make a list of tasks and work on a realistic
production timeline.

Lucia mentioned the two programmers who are at her university and who may
want to get involved and then all of us...
Maybe we can bring everybody together for a meeting as Ricardo suggests.

We could use the map Sergio sent and use the Central area.
We'd use this large map, put tracing paper on top of the map and specify
The locations that we think are crucial to our subjective map of Sao Paolo.
We could also identify the points in the city that are important to our view
of it by not using the actual map first but by just drawing an imaginary
map-- a map of Central as it appears in our mind-- which may consist of
homeless shelters or houses of friends, the telecentros, or a bench in the
park. You'd identify what you would want to put on a map-- which locations.

In the end we need these locations as precise dots on tracing paper of the
map. Each dot needs to be numbered. In a legend you'd write what these dots
stand for (ie. homeless shelter, university, comum lab, club x). The map
then needs to be scaled down to a size that is useable for the web. The dots
are associated with x y coordinates on the map.
The x y coordinates are associated with addresses.

I'd be curious how your map of Sao Paolo will differ from the ones in the
stores. For the East it'd be interesting to map areas that  a tourist office
would never want you to go...

So far a few thoughts on how this project could move on...
What do you think?


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