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Corrado Morgana corradomorgana at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jul 4 09:04:50 EDT 2006

Some thoughts on The Story Web


It's a nice idea, however it's difference to existing modding strategies
concerns me.mainly being the expanding of existing narratives and the
traffic light system, which I think would get in the way-but as Julian says
this can be turned off


How does this differ from maybe a self contained community created mod with
lots of narrative choice-much more narrative choice than the original?

Again, I suppose it's in giving existing characters and scenarios expanded


Oblivion is a good choice. The SDK/modding tools are (apparently) very easy
to use.. and Oblivion has many potential strategies for storytelling-see how
many in-game books there are, many referencing it's much deeper prequel
Morrowind-there's lot's of lore!!!


I am reminded of Neverwinter Nights, another bearded RPG however it did have
an integrated, live DungeonMaster client


One of the most revolutionary things about Neverwinter Nights is the
inclusion of a special piece of software that allows a game player to become
the organizer of a Neverwinter Nights module and campaign. This position is
called the Dungeon Master (DM) in D&D terms. He or she controls all other
aspects of the game except for the other players- the monsters, the
encounters, and the other characters in the adventure.




There are loads of mods for Oblivion-these alter the game in many ways and
can be turned off, most people play the game in its original state
first-then play a modded version with a new character


Open source narrative gaming is a real problem tho'. The developer can't
really be a gamer in their own game-there are no plot twists, the
developer's already aware of them. Narrative gaming relies on whatever other
narrative forms rely on - generic non-surprises mostly, however if the tale
telling is truly collaborative then there can be 'surprises' for the
gamer/developer but I bet most of them will be plot inconsistencies and
continuity errors


I'd love to see this work tho'-the traffic lights thing is bugging me tho'.
Could these choices actually break the immersion, or give away other plot
details..probably not if the forking is handled well


Hmmmmm...and apologies for the garbled stream of consciousness




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