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George Siemens gsiemens at elearnspace.org
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Your post brought to mind an interesting statement I encountered this
morning while exploring the high-quality journalism at MSN: "Someday, the
only difference between the rich and the poor will be the amount of
advertising they're subjected to" (http://tinyurl.com/2r6npr ). I think it's
an overly simplistic, but profound and accurate statement, found in the most
unlikely of places.


Our spaces have prices. Google understands that very well. They turned the
internet from an information medium to an advertising medium by making ads
less obtrusive, less distinct from content. Google's efforts in providing
free tools and organizing the world's information stem from a desire to
monetize conversations, experiences, and the information itself. The same
value networks afford - i.e. ability for information to flow unhindered - is
the same basis on which individuals like Keen and companies like Google find
their existence. Without the network they don't exist. And, as evidenced by
Google's forays into "free" software, rumored phone, wireless spectrum bid,
Google wants to ensure that the network can't exist without their (Google's)





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