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This was a pretty facile read on the matter.
1: I Use SL as a tool in class, and I have just about EVERY type in my
2. My closest associates in SL are:
An orthodox Jew living in Buenos Aires.
A gay African American living in San Francisco
A Baghdadi Iraqi displaced by the war and scraping by in Amman,
A househusband in Vancouver,
A disabled writer from Cleveland,
A Chinese-American student at the New School in NYC
2 Brazilians
Did I miss something?
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I am pretty sure that that critique sucked!  It is true that SL is very
White, but, guess what: so is the Internet! I am sorry, dear list
members, that I do not have the mental bandwidth to write a decent
critique of this critique, but I just had to put in my two cents.  Maybe
I just don't have the time to talk about all the things that are wrong
with what Destiny wrote (though Chris mentioned some biggies!).  I
really hate it when people think that minorities who have the same
values as middle class White people --  "university education, an open
mind, a thirst for learning" (according to Destiny)-- are no longer
being true to their culture.  Damn!
This Mohawk/Italian chick, who considers herself fortunate indeed to
have a university education, is now going to her Second Life where she
meets up with other artists, nerds, Indians, and Others to chat, have
fun, make art and (dare i day it???) change the world.
Skawennati aka xox Voyager
At 8:36 PM +0000 1/31/07, Chris Byrne wrote:
At the risk of being known as "the guy who just forwards snippets from
The Register", I thought I would.....you get the picture.

I'm not at all sure about this critique of Second Life, in some respects
it is highly subjective, has a phobia about feminists, and is a tad
narcissistic (but then it is about a fantasy role play).

"Second Life is perhaps the whitest environmet I've ever experienced,
and the most middle-class: I'm hard pressed to recall a single
conversation with an undeucated resident. By and large, everyone is
playing, and everyone has a fairly healthy bank account, as the basic
costs of entry - even for a free account - are dictated by some rather
pricey computing parephrenalia (sic). Everyone is concerned with arts
and science, and speaks with pride about information technology;
everyone likes to learn; everyone believes in progress. It is,
literally, an online white suburban paradise."

Whoever thought virtual reality could bring up so many 'real' issues?

My big, fat, lily-white Second Life
By Destiny Welles
Published Tuesday 30th January 2007 15:11 GMT


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