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2.)  Another area of investigation is "teacher as translator or
intermediary", (not in a hierarchical manner, as in teacher cascading down
to student,) but more in the realm of teacher being fluent in the "language"
of the other and acting from there.

Hi Michelle,

I'm not sure you're the only 'older' person on this list. I have four kids,
the oldest being 19 already!

I cannot answer your question directly, but you might one to check out the
P2P Learning pages I have collated at

Alternatively there is a less developed section on P2P Facilitation
techniques in the same wiki.

I'm copying Chris Smith, of shambles.net, he knows just about everything,
and if you can, I would also connect with Stephen Downes,

I'm interested in the answers to your question, so as to add them to my
resource lists,


On 1/14/07, michelle samuel <m.samuel at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I enjoy reading the writing produced here and have found this list to be a
> great source of reading and research resources.
>  I am a longtime lurker who has been hesitant to post, because of what I
> assume to be primarily a "professorial" focus.
> I have a fine arts background, (bfa). I also assume I am older than most
> on this list, as I have a teenage son, (many of you seem to be in the
> beginning stages of family). But correct me if I am mistaken. I am not a
> professor, there are, after all, only so many colleges and universities... I
> have gone back to school and am choosing to enter the middle or high school
> realm of teaching.
> If I have time to participate, it is in quick chunks, often rough. I do
> not have the time to carefully craft my words as most on this list.  My
> first/natural choice in language would be communication through images.
> Writing is something I never became accomplished at.
> All that said, I am currently doing a masters thesis (action research) in
> education that will explore the value of consciously teaching the "stages"
> of creativity, in conjunction with the "craft".
> This would be in conjunction with a "typical" fine arts class, teaching
> the "craft" of various disciplines (printmaking, computer graphics, drawing,
> painting, hybrid media, etc.)
> Through my years of experience as a graphic designer (by necessity) in the
> corporate world , I eventually did not experience a big demarcation between
> traditional and hybrid media, in terms of creative process, the skill sets
> transfer easily, unless fear (of the unfamiliar?) is factored in.
> Traditional media can also encompass fear, but culturally it seems that
> computer anxiety in learning is different.  I often found myself wanting to
> "command z" when working in traditional media.  Conversely I have found my
> approach to process in using photoshop and illustrator akin the way I use
> process in traditional media.  I offer this digression as a point of
> reference in the definition of process.
> My question and request:
> 1.)  For the purposes of my paper, I am deconstructing the stages of
> the creative process.  I recognize of course that creativity is not a fixed
> process, but do think there are some common shared processes.
> Can anyone point me in the direction of books or papers concerning the
> value of ambiguity in the creative process?
> (The most exemplary art instructors I have had deftly interleave
> both aspects as they teach.  I can count those on two fingers.  What is your
> experience in terms of a successful melding of these aspects?)
> 2.)  Another area of investigation is "teacher as translator or
> intermediary", (not in a hierarchical manner, as in teacher cascading down
> to student,) but more in the realm of teacher being fluent in the "language"
> of the other and acting from there.
> 3.) The clincher of course will be how to devise a way to "collect" data
> in a classroom environment once I design the premise of the research.  In my
> reading, although qualitative research is espoused as a valid way to
> proceed, it still appears to need a measurement contrivance which I have
> difficulty devising in a formal manner.
> Thanks for all your past and future contributions.
> Michelle
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