[iDC] Introducing: Real Costs & Oil Standard

Ryan Griffis ryan.griffis at gmail.com
Tue May 15 16:10:38 EDT 2007

For anyone interested in some older discussions related to a lot of  
what's being typed here, i would recommend Martin O'Connor's edited  
book "Is Capitalism Sustainable" and James O'Connor's "Natural  
Causes" - both try to bring together critical economic theory (mostly  
marxist) and ecological concerns.
Not that these books will be revelatory, but the discussions are  
hardly limited to the web2.0 era.
Also, i just read a pretty polemical interview with Derrick Jensen  
(author of the Endgame books - http://www.endgamethebook.org/ ), in  
which he basically states a "by any means necessary" position  
regarding ecology. his main point is that no single human life, or  
even small group of lives, is worth putting the "land base" (as he  
calls it) at risk. it's an open endorsement of violence in the name  
of protecting the global ecosystem, though he's careful (somewhat) to  
say that if it's just about blowing up some SUVs, but doesn't really  
change anything systemically, that's entirely different. it's a  
problematic position on many grounds, that should be obvious.
The US state is already directing some of its violence at the various  
enviro/eco activists, using the term "eco-terrorist" pretty  
liberally, and this wasn't a post-Patriot Act condition either.
This is all a bit of a tangent to the discussion, but i thought i'd  
throw it out there anyway.

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