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Verina Gfader wrote:

> 2. In a recent talk by Gustav Metzger
> http://www.avfestival.co.uk/programme/10/events/gustav-metzger,
> following the symposium Planetary Breakdown: Autonomous Infrastructures
> for a Sustainable Future Symposium
> http://www.avfestival.co.uk/programme/10/events/autonomous-infrastructure
> (both
> events were part of AV festival 2010 on "Energy"), Gustav put forward
> the idea of young people's 'energy' in relation to language. In there
> use of re-inventing it they introduce a certain undermining of it.
> Language as such is at the heart of the future, becoming more important
> than ever, but there is a need of cleansing language, to find new meanings.
> Claiming a need to cleanse has to do with a hope to work against the
> commercial, with a reference to the Frankfurt School, critique right in
> the mainstream. 

Reference might also be made here to the work of Fernando Ortiz,
particularly his book Cuban Counterpoint, in which he discusses how pidgins,
vernaculars, dialects and other modes of linguistic deviation from hegemonic
norms are expressions of creativity, particularly the creation of self and



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