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Rolf Hapel hapel at aarhus.dk
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I am Rolf Hapel, director of Citizens Services and Libraries in Aarhus, 
Denmark. I am working nationally and internationally on the tranformation 
of the public libraries from information sharing institutions of the 
industrial age to open learning and culture centers for the knowledge and 
network based society. 

On MobilityShifts, I will touch upon questions and themes like:

To which problems in the knowledge based, networked society is the public 
library the answer?

The need for the library as physical space in a digitized reality?

The model of the modern library based on four mental and physical spaces - 
the inspiration room, the learning room, the meeting room and the 
performative room

The digital infrastructure for the Danish Digital Library based on 
metadata repository and Open Source

The transformation of the public libraries is a process that involve 
citizens, politicians, users, staff and institutional and private partners 
from a variety of sectors in several countries. 'Next Library 2011' is an 
unconference gathering more than 300 participants from 35 countries and it 
 is running June 19. - 21. 2011 here in Aarhus (that's next week!). We 
will be working with the  themes Partnerships, Democracy and Innovation in 
connection to public library development. In the latest years we have 
coined the brand 'Next Library' for a series of unconferences and 
workshops. Check out 'Next Library 2011' here:

Among the ideas realised in practise in the amalgamation of citizens' 
service, public libraries and civic activities to entities called 
"community centers". We just broke ground for the new main library, Urban 
Mediaspace Aarhus, that will be inaugurated by the end of 2014. In this 
process we are building partnerships on development projects with players 
from research and educational sector, from civic sector and from media and 
business sector. Check out Úrban Mediaspace Aarhus´here:

One of our transformation projects is called 'Mindspot', it's a service 
where we engage young students to work together with library staff in 
creating a youth universe on the library and on the net, thus using their 
capabiltites and networks in an innovative process. Have a look here:

The 'Tranformation Lab' on the main library has been the arena for several 
development projects:

 'Unleash the Users' is a project about methods to create new library 
services using participatory design and user involvement. Check it out 

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