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Michael Wesch mike.wesch at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 11:26:22 UTC 2011

Hello all,
  I already know many of you, so it feels like I am here among friends.  For
those of you who don't know me, I am an anthropologist interested in helping
the general public gain a deeper sense of media literacy, helping people
recognize how media change our world in ways we might not intend, and
empowering people to connect and communicate more broadly and deeply.  My
ultimate goal is to help create more empathy in the world.  (I know this all
sounds a bit too grand, and not really all that academic, but since I'm
among friends here I thought I should just be honest.)  I was originally
invited to iDC four years ago after publishing The Machine is Us/ing Us.
Since then I have used the video essay as one of my primary forms of
publication.  You can see all of my video essays at
  This past semester I teamed up with a few hundred undergrads from all over
the world and a local HTML5/javascript guru (Garrett Pennington) to create
http://visionsofstudents.org   In this "video collage" I have taken nearly
300 videos, remixed them, and placed them in an HTML5 video framework that
uses javascript to launch the thumbnail of the video, book, or resource that
is currently being shown in the remix.  By the end of the video, all videos
are on the screen, along with all the books and links that have influenced
the work.  You can click on any of the books, links, or videos to see the
original.  My own 10 students each produced a 5 minute video that expands on
one of the main ideas. I think it may be best to let it stand as the rest of
my introduction to the group.  Since it was just launched a few days ago, it
captures my current thinking pretty nicely.
  Looking forward to the ongoing discussions,

Michael Wesch, PhD
Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology
Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars
2010 NITLE Fellow
2009 National Geographic Emerging Explorer
2008 US Professor of the Year
2007 Wired Magazine Rave Award Winner
Director of the Digital Ethnography Working Group
Kansas State University
mwesch at ksu.edu
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