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Hi, idc friends--

If any of you has the stamina to wander into Troll Land, my interview
with *Inside
Higher Ed* is so far netting more comments on the negative side than the
constructive.  If you have ideas about pedagogy to add, here's the link.
And, if you decline, not a problem.  I don't blame you at all.  Privately,
by far and away the greatest number of responses today have been very
positive.  The "comments" section is not an indicator, I suppose, of real
interest.   Best, and great to be here among friends, Cathy

"'Now You See It'"

Are our brains cut out for the Internet age? Author of new book says yes --
if classroom and workplace are totally overhauled.


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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Introduction for Mobility Shifts (Michael Wesch)
>   2. Introduction for Mobility Shifts (Nishant Shah)
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> Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 06:26:22 -0500
> From: Michael Wesch <mike.wesch at gmail.com>
> Subject: [iDC] Introduction for Mobility Shifts
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> Hello all,
>  I already know many of you, so it feels like I am here among friends.  For
> those of you who don't know me, I am an anthropologist interested in
> helping
> the general public gain a deeper sense of media literacy, helping people
> recognize how media change our world in ways we might not intend, and
> empowering people to connect and communicate more broadly and deeply.  My
> ultimate goal is to help create more empathy in the world.  (I know this
> all
> sounds a bit too grand, and not really all that academic, but since I'm
> among friends here I thought I should just be honest.)  I was originally
> invited to iDC four years ago after publishing The Machine is Us/ing Us.
> Since then I have used the video essay as one of my primary forms of
> publication.  You can see all of my video essays at
> http://www.youtube.com/user/mwesch
>  This past semester I teamed up with a few hundred undergrads from all over
> the world and a local HTML5/javascript guru (Garrett Pennington) to create
> http://visionsofstudents.org   In this "video collage" I have taken nearly
> 300 videos, remixed them, and placed them in an HTML5 video framework that
> uses javascript to launch the thumbnail of the video, book, or resource
> that
> is currently being shown in the remix.  By the end of the video, all videos
> are on the screen, along with all the books and links that have influenced
> the work.  You can click on any of the books, links, or videos to see the
> original.  My own 10 students each produced a 5 minute video that expands
> on
> one of the main ideas. I think it may be best to let it stand as the rest
> of
> my introduction to the group.  Since it was just launched a few days ago,
> it
> captures my current thinking pretty nicely.
>  Looking forward to the ongoing discussions,
>    Mike
> --
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Michael Wesch, PhD
> Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology
> Coffman Chair for University Distinguished Teaching Scholars
> 2010 NITLE Fellow
> 2009 National Geographic Emerging Explorer
> 2008 US Professor of the Year
> 2007 Wired Magazine Rave Award Winner
> Director of the Digital Ethnography Working Group
> Kansas State University
> mwesch at ksu.edu
> http://mediatedcultures.net
> http://bikemanhattan.info
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> Message: 2
> Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 21:39:21 +0530
> From: Nishant Shah <itsnishant at gmail.com>
> Subject: [iDC] Introduction for Mobility Shifts
> To: idc at mailman.thing.net
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> Hello Everybody,
> It is great to be a part of this group. I can see a lot of familiar names
> that I have always wanted to meet, and a handful of people who I look
> forward to meeting again. I completed my doctoral work from the Centre for
> the Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore where I worked on a thesis
> titled "The Technosocial Subject: Cities, Cyberspaces and Cyborgs". It has
> been an incredible journey for me so far, from the early days of University
> rejections in India, where I was advised that the 'cyberspace' is 'too
> flimsy' to be studied to extremely enriching fellowships in East Asia
> (Taiwan and China) to now, where I co-founded my own research
> organisation<http://www.cis-india.org>in 2008, as Director of
> Research.
> A lot of the ambitions and visions that the Centre for Internet and Society
> has, draw from my own personal experiences and challenges as a research
> student in South Asia, working in a field that still suffers from a paucity
> of research and pedagogy. Some of the larger visions that we have are to
> build localised, multidisciplinary research infrastructure which can
> facilitate further research in the field of Internet and Society, to look
> at
> questions of equity, justice and rights as they get mediated by digital
> technologies, and to implement innovative pedagogic models towards an open
> and accessible knowledge system. It sounds quite a mouthful, and as a young
> research centre, we are still taking small steps towards actualising these
> ideas, but they are dreams that drive us in new and often exciting
> directions.
> In the last two year, apart from managerial and programmatic commitments
> aimed at incubating and facilitating new research within India, I have been
> spear-heading a Knowledge Programme called "Digital Natives with a
> Cause?"<
> http://www.hivos.net/Hivos-Knowledge-Programme/Themes/Digital-Natives-with-a-Cause
> >The
> research inquiry looks at the potentials and possibilities for social
> transformation and public participation embedded in young peoples' use of
> digital and Internet technologies in the emerging ICT societies of the
> Global South. We have been interacting with young people from Asia, Africa
> and Latin America to consolidate knowledge about how young people perceive
> politics of change and their own role as change makers. The learnings
> from these
> interactions, <http://digitalnatives.in> with more than a 100 people who
> identify themselves as digital natives along with a larger community of
> actors who support, draw from, interact and work with digital natives, are
> coming out in a book titled "Digital (alter)natives with a cause?" that is
> being launched in mid-September. Which means that I might be actually able
> to bring some copies with me to the Mobility Shifts workshop :)
> At the workshop in NY, I am going to present some of the work we have done
> with a complementary project called The Pathways Project, which actually
> looks at digital outcasts and people who live on the fringes of digital and
> online technologies. It is a project that seeks to reformulate young
> peoples' notions of social justice by working with undergraduate students
> who are identified, through affirmative action, as 'underprivileged.' The
> project introduces them to different possibilities of digital and internet
> activities and helps them implement their own visions of change towards
> better articulation and awareness of 'social justice' within their peers as
> well as external related communities. The project also asks questions about
> the space of the classroom, the changing nature of students' expectations
> and the role that mobile technologies of computing and information access
> play in reformulating young students' interaction and engagement with
> larger
> social and political movements in the country.
> I shall stop here, before this email becomes a novella. I shall look
> forward
> to learning more about other participants and the discussions that are
> going
> to ensue.
> Warmly
> Nishant
> --
> Nishant Shah
> Director (Research), Centre for Internet and Society,( www.cis-india.org )
> Asia Awards Fellow, 2008-09
> # 00-91-9740074884
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