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I'm intrigued by the goings-on on this list and excited to join you in the
My somewhat unusual entree into the topic of education was as a freelance
writer in my early 20s writing about the effect of student loans on young
people. I published a book (Riverhead, 2006), and two columns, one in the
Village Voice and later on Yahoo! Finance, all titled Generation Debt, all
with generational economics and politics including student loan policy.
Message: the system is broken.

This led to my first job at Fast Company magazine where I ended up covering
technology and innovation, with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship and
sustainability. The two streams merged when I published
DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher
Education, (Chelsea Green, 2010) which investigated the roots of the cost,
access, and quality crises in higher education as well as innovations to
address these crises. Message: the system can be fixed, or maybe we'll just
make a new system!

DIY U was researched and written in conversation with an amazing community
of thinkers such as yourselves. So were two forthcoming followups: Learning,
Freedom and the Web, funded by the Mozilla Foundation, and The Edupunks
Guide, funded by the Gates Foundation.  Both are free ebooks. LFW, which
will also be available print-on-demand, glances over the scene of makers and
hackers using openness and technology to transform learning. The Edupunks
Guide is a hands on manual for people without a lot of cash who want the
shortest path to an education that will transform their lives.
I have a *Fast Company column* Life In
a  *Tribune Media column* The Savings
my b*ook is found here* DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs and the Coming
Transformation of  Higher Education
I *Blog* DIYUbook.com  <http://diyubook.com/> and *Twitter

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