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katie salen katie.salen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 15:10:48 UTC 2011

hi all,
Trebor asked that I introduce myself, as I will be taking part in the 
MobilityShifts summit and am interested in sharing ideas with you about the 
future of learning. My work is in game design and I have been involved in a 
large project at the intersection of games and learning for several years. As 
part of a non-profit I run called the Institute of Play 
(www.instituteofplay.org), we opened a public middle school in New York City 
called Quest to Learn (www.Q2L.org) in fall 2009. The school was designed from 
the ground up around the principles of game design and play, and integrates 
digital media, design, and collaboration throughout the curriculum. A sister 
school will open in Chicago this fall, called ChicagoQuest. The work is 
challenging and has required partnerships in the design, technology, policy, and 
education sectors--I am really interested in the question of how we might think 
about innovative models for partnerships for the design of learning and look 
forward to hearing from everyone about their experiences in regard to this 

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