[iDC] introductions

Stefan Heidenreich mail at stefanheidenreich.de
Wed Jun 18 07:59:29 UTC 2014

Hi All,
arriving little late to the list, I had the pleasure to read a lot of 
introductions, and am very curious to meet everyone in November.

At the conference I will try to think about work as relational activity, 
or simply doing stuff for others. As activities of all sorts are being 
wrapped in layers of data, paid labor along the model of factory work 
may no longer serve as the most appropriate frame to grasp work in its 
connectedness. The relevance, or the value of what one does or makes may 
have little to do with the scarcity of goods, but more with links, or 
'likes', along the thoughts of Enzo Rulani.
 From here there is a second step to be taken into account. Networks and 
databases would theoretically allow for modes of allocation and 
distribution without money. (See "Money as Memory" by N. Kocherlakota 
and also my recent a talk on Non-Money at the Moneylab Conference, 
Amsterdam) From there, I'll try to sketch out what doing stuff for 
others could mean in a world of non-money and lots of data.

As for my academic affiliation, I currently hold a  research position at 
the Centre for Digital Cultures in Lüneburg. Besides, I am involved in 
building up a Berlin-based start-up on Social Media Analysis, and active 
as an art-critic in my spare time.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the #dl14

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