[iDC] says-us conference questions

Frank Kashner fkashner at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 11:16:57 UTC 2014

In our preparation for this conference we are focused on the following
questions and their relevance to our says-us / gnunion projects. We are
looking forward to rich conversations in the conference and in our and
other's workshops.


.       How do problems of Digital Labor (DL) compare to those of non-DL,
unorganized labor?

.       How do we understand the current strategies and tools being used to
attempt to improve pay and working conditions for Digital Laborers?

.       Can we imagine more tools to help all of labor to be able to

.       If so, how can they be implemented?

.       Can we add action based organizing to current predominantly
reputation based organizing?



Frank Kashner


info at says-us.net

facebook: says-us

twitter: @says_us


Örsan Şenalp

Global Networked Labour Union


gnunion at networg.nl 



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