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Hi all:

My name is Karen Gregory—also one of the “helpers” putting together the
conference. I’m a sociologist and I teach labor studies and digital methods
at City College of New York in the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts and
Sciences/Center for Worker Education. At the moment, I’m drawing on my
experience in Instructional Technology and am busy building my own media
lab at City College that will bring full-time and adjunct faculty together
to, among other things, draw connections between media and technology,
labor and economics, and the future of higher education.

My research to date has focused on the entanglement of contemporary
spirituality, precarity, and entrepreneurialism with an emphasis on the
role of the laboring body. My dissertation was drawn from over two years of
ethnographic work at an esoteric school in New York City and explores the
parallels between becoming “psychic” and working in the digital economy
through the lens of affective labor and “the con.” I was also a co-author
with Patricia Clough, Joshua Scannell, and Benjamin Haber of The
Datalogical Turn <http://www.academia.edu/5986819/The_Datalogical_Turn>,
which should be out this year in a collection from Routledge and I’m
currently working on a publication that explores the relationship between
financialization, digital materiality, and the metaphysics of abundance.

As I was finishing the dissertation last semester, I helped found the CUNY
Digital Labor Working Group <https://digitallabor.commons.gc.cuny.edu/>
with Kara Van Cleaf,
<https://digitallabor.commons.gc.cuny.edu/kara-van-cleaf/> Andrew McKinney
<https://digitallabor.commons.gc.cuny.edu/andrew-mckinney/>, and Thomas
Buechele <https://digitallabor.commons.gc.cuny.edu/tom-buechele/>. The
Working Group hosts a library and a blog—last semester I hosted an online
forum on the site devoted to Angela Mitropoulos’ Contract and Contagion
which may be of interest to some on this list. Our group will be presenting
at the conference, along with Joshua Scannell
<https://paradigm.presswarehouse.com/books/contribDetail.aspx?id=20156>, at
a roundtable entitled “The Place, Politics, and Function of Measure” and I
will also be on the roundtable that Dan Greene has coordinated called
“Digital Labor in Crisis.”

I'm really looking forward to the conference and to meeting everyone in

- Karen

Karen Gregory, PhD
Lecturer, Sociology
Digital Pedagogy & Online Learning
City College of New York
Center for Worker Education
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