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Daniel Joseph foxhound5100 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 14:45:06 UTC 2014

Howdy everybody!

Thank you all for your great introductions. It looks like we will have
quite the crowd at the conference.

Very quickly: my name's Daniel Joseph and I'm a PhD student here in Toronto
attending York and Ryerson Universities' joint program in Communication and
Culture. Daniel Greene and I co-organized a round-table on Digital Labor in
Crisis with Austin Walker, Audrey Watters, Matthew Tiessen and Laura
Portwood-Stacer. In it we will all be hold court on our own approaches to
what we think is a deepening crisis in and around digital labor. I hope to
see you there!

At the roundtable Daniel Greene and I will be presenting a small slice of
our joint work on digital / virtual geographic spatial fixes for capital.
Our work cuts quickly from the materiality of server farms, microwave
transmitter dishes used for high-frequency trading and new forms of affect
rent imposed by digital marketplaces for commodities produced in video
games. This stems in part from my own work on the material and discursive
changes to work and play that are brought about by digital
distribution/gamification/marketplace software like Valve Corporation's

You can find a few previous conference presentations of mine about this here
& here

Can't wait to see everybody in November!



Daniel Joseph
Counterpublics Working Group <http://www.yorku.ca/drache/icon.php> @ York
PhD Student, Communication & Culture @ York/Ryerson Universities
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