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My name is Andrew McKinney. I'm a sociology PhD candidate and Digital
Fellow at the CUNY Graduate Center and Community Facilitator at the City
Tech OpenLab. I am also part of the Digital Labor Working Grou
<http://digitallabor.commons.gc.cuny.edu>p at the CUNY Graduate Center
along with Karen Gregory, Kara Van Cleaf, and Tom Buechele. My twitter
handle is @andrewgmckinney <https://twitter.com/andrewgmckinney>.

My dissertation is an examination of the role that sport fan labor plays in
the political economy of the internet, with a particular focus on the way
in which Silicon Valley start-up language and ideology has shaped the
platforms that capture fan activity as labor. I'll be presenting a paper
that examines the way that fan labor, or what I'm calling in the paper
"engaged audience labor," fits into the ideology of "disruption."  This
will add to some previous work I've done teasing where labor lies in the
the ideology of disruption, which you can read here

Looking forward to the conference and meeting everyone!

Andrew McKinney
Digital Fellow
CUNY Graduate Center
OpenLab Community Facilitator
New York City College of Technology, CUNY
Doctoral Candidate
Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center
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