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IKLECTIK [off-site] and Klanghaus Sound Art Centre present: KlangzeitFestival 20204 days of experimental improvised music and sound artKlanghaus Untergreith and IKLECTIK have joined forces to presenta multidisciplinary and miscellaneous series of concerts with the participationof international renown musicians and composers.26 – 29 November 2020 | Free
IKLECTIK Youtube channel
Day 1: https://youtu.be/g8JIRoZ5sKs
Day 2: https://youtu.be/22RBuRLmTfc
Day 3: https://youtu.be/93wa1lAlpPg
Day 4: https://youtu.be/QDsEl_qVesI
IKLECTIK Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IKLECTIK
IKLECTIK Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/iklectikArtists:
Me, Claudius (UK)
Viv Corringham (UK/USA)
Rhodri Davies (UK)
Matthias Forenbacher (AT)
Paul Jonas Kinnunen (FI)
Y/Liquid (AT) – Peta Kotzberg + Carmen Rosenkranz
Phill Niblock (US)
Katherine Liberovskaya (US)
Barbara Held (US)
Rahel Kraft (AT/ CH)
Samo Kutin (SI)
Tracy Lisk (USA)
Zahra Mani (UK/AT)
MUG Trio (SI)
Arun Natarajan (IN)
Elise Passavant (USA)
Els avn Riel (BE)
Yoni Silver (UK)
Mia Zabelka (AT)
Wolfgang Temmel (AT)
Veronika Gmeindl (AT)
Richard Graf (AT)
Sebastian Leopold (AT)
Lukas MoritzWegscheider (AT)     Programme:- Day 1 (Thursday 26/11) – 7.30pm (GMT) | 8.30pm (CET)
phonoECHOES competition – finalists performancesDay 1 is dedicated to present the performances of thefinalist of the phonoECHOES competition
The audience is kindly invited to vote for the best performance on the 26/11through the “voting poll link”: https://doodle.com/poll/5thb68bsy2qd9tua?utm_source=poll...Finalist:
Veronika Gmeindl (AT)
Richard Graf (AT)
Sebastian Leopold (AT)
Station Rose (AT)
Lukas Moritz Wegscheider (AT)Jury:
Mia Zabelka (Chair – no voting rights)
Rupert Huber (AT)
Johannes Kretz (AT)
Zahra Mani (AT) - Day 2 (Friday 27/11) – 7.30pm (GMT) | 8.30pm (CET)
Zahra Mani + Elise Passavant
Matthias Forenbacher
Rhodri Davies
Wolfgang Temmel
Me, Claudius - Day 3 (Saturday 28/11) – 7.30pm (GMT) | 8.30pm (CET)
Viv Corringham
Tracy Lisk + Mia Zabelka + Els Van Riel
Yoni Silver
Rahel Kraft
Phill Niblock + Katherine Liberovskaya + Barbara Held - Day 4 (Sunday 29/11) – 7.30pm (GMT) | 8.30pm (CET)
MUG Trio
Mia Zabelka + Arun Natarajan + Paul Jonas Kinnunen
Samo Kutin phonoECHOES finalistsVeronika Gmeindl
born 1988 in Herdecke, Germany. Professionally engaged in theatre pedagogy,freelancing in the cultural sector and as a musician. She is currently activein artistic director of workshops on diverse topics at schools, based onmethods of Forum- and improvised theatre. Her artistic ambitions focus onimprovisation and experimentation with music/electroacustic music and thewritten/spoken word, where she seeks to incorporate here experiences into thefield of theatre and performance.„Du“
Electroacoustic composition for two players/performers(Cello/Voice/Live-electronics) by Veronika Gmeindl. „Du“ („You“), a directedinner monologue. By accident the initial lyrics were printed twice, much like adouble exposure, hardly legible. The subjective expression of a strugglingindividual, who in turn pleads guilty of denunciation. The principle ofmultiple exposure is mimicked on several levels (structure, soundesign,melodies and improvisation with double bass and cello). All of this leads to anever repeating and ever evolving game, always open to interpretation. Richard Graf
Studies in music and music education at the University of Music and PerformingArts Vienna (graduation Summa cum Laude) and the Berklee College of Music.Lecturer at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles/USA (1995).Since 2018 Dean and Head of Master Studies (faculty music education) at the„JAM MUSIC LAB University”. Founder and artistic director of the MAX BRANDEnsemble. Graf has received several national and international awards andprizes. His work has been published by: UNIVERSAL EDITION, ADVANCE MUSIC, SCHOTTMUSIC, RICH ART Records, IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators),Austrian Broadcasting Cooperation – ORF, Musikerziehung etc. Co-Producer forECM-Records: Michael Mantler & MAX BRAND Ensemble: “Comment C’est”Matrix
for three guitars and live electronics
Richard GRAF – a composer, guitar player and three guitars plus electronics ininteraction to combine compositional, mathematical, tonal and technicalparameters. The “Matrix” is a nine-tone-row, which develops to horizontal andvertical musical structures, enriched by live electronics and improvisation Heuses three unique guitars which have been built by Roland Hauke: Baritonguitar, Fretless guitar, Standard electric guitar. Sebastian Leopold
Sebastian Leopold is a musician, instrument maker and engineer based in Vienna.After three years of internationally working as an engineer, he settled down toset up his own workshop where he could focus on building sounding objects andinstallations. Leopolds fascination for vibrating strings, membranes, blocksand blobs shows in his workpieces, which experiment with the eigenfrequenciesof bodies and their manipulation through means of electronics.„drift“
The workpiece “drift” is a big self-resonating feedback mirror made fromstainless steel driven by an air coupled 4×10″ speaker. The sounds you hear arethe intrinsic vibrations of the metal sheet, simply generated by feeding thesignals recorded by a contact microphone back to the mirror through thespeakers. The reflections caused by the mirror’s vibrations visualise thespatial expansion of the structure-born sound and magnify the moment when thestable oscillation breaks down into chaotic noise. “Drift” explores theboundaries and intersections between control and collapse, dissipation and resonance,reflection and transmission.STATION ROSE
STATION ROSE/STR was founded in Vienna, Austria, in 1988 by Gary Danner (sound)and Elisa Rose (art). As one of the first digital groups worldwide, STATIONROSE have used the potential of live audio visual media and the internet forperforming in their work. Their Gunafa Clubbings were the first AV- andonline-clubprojects worldwide (Frankfurt, 1992). STR are online since 1991 andare regarded as „Pioneers of Digital Culture (Frankfurter Allgemeine). Danner´scareer as professional musician/composer spans 4,5 decades, quite often usingreliable structures like Beat, Punk, Techno, and Minimal Music. STATION ROSEoperates at the interface of digital art, music and pop. Their artistic outputis characterized by exploring the boundaries between reality and virtuality,audio and video are organically interwoven by definition.“WEBCASTING STReaming 2020“
In Frankfurt in 1999, STR developed a new online broadcast format,„Webcasting”, which included animations, live music, live composition andimprovisation, talks and performances. It was streamed live from the STATIONROSE Studio, Elisa Rose’s image workstation and Gary Danner’s soundworkstation/DAW were broadcast over the internet. In 2020, by the circumstancesof quarantine, this unchanged contemporary STReaming format was used again anddeveloped further – from the studio in Vienna.
„For a STReam, I will prepare certain samples, rhythmic parameters and musichardware minimally, compose and arrange live in real time, and treat thiscomposition with digital effects. Music is created LIVE and synaestheticallywith the visual art that is created simultaneously.“ Gary Danner Lukas Moritz Wegscheider
Lukas Moritz Wegscheider is a composer for experimental music, sound- and mediaartist. In his work he currently deals with time, the ephemeral, theimperishable and what remains. Memories. He treats this subjects with liveperformances, sound- and video installations and exhibitions. Since 2016 hestudies at the university of music and performing arts in Graz. http://lukasmoritzwegscheider.com/”memoire”
In the room an impression of what has happened is presented, as the firstmemory, taken up again and sent to the ether. This sonic memory then getspicked up by the radio and confronts the audience once again. A rememberedmemory. The installation addresses the fact that you cannot simply forget, thatyou cannot simply make forgotten and that even after forgetting, you willalways remember what has been forgotten. From forgotten forgotten – tomemorized memory. The theme of KLANGZEIT Festival 2020 is Human Life / GreenSounds / Artificial Emotion.
‘Green Sounds’ are not just sounds of nature, they are sounds of the naturalinteraction of humans with the environment and at the same time the design oflife (environment). Working with sound is the embodiment of a political demand:reflecting on the self-regulation of nature, listening to the importance of theculture of designing for people. The design of “Green Sounds” means, a way oflife of nature as “art (of) living”. As the overcoming of the culture of therationality of seeing, “auditory culture” means not only the transfer of thenature of hearing to culture, but the merging of nature and culture into“Converged realities” – the virtual and the real overlap, the differencebecomes null and void. About phonoECHOES
In spring 2020, ÖKB (Österreichischer Komponistenbund – Austrian Composers’Association) and Klanghaus Untergreith announced for the first time‘phonoECHOES’, a competition for sound art and electronic music. The awardceremony will take place on November 26th. Klanghaus Untergreith
Klanghaus Untergreith is an international centre for sound art focusing oninterdisciplinary, experimental and border-crossing projects spanning visualarts, literature, performance art, media art and music.
https://klang-haus.athttp://iklectikoffsite.org/klangzeit-festival-2020/ Project supported by
Österreichischer Komponistenbund - AACS - austrian cultural forum londonFlyer by Lisa McKendrik 
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