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Thu Apr 2 22:48:31 UTC 2009

james, james, james,

mister, are we ready for mixed bag?
but for now, probably not...
although i think we will always hope to be "brut," we are not polished "brut" yet.
once we all agree upon the mission we will be able to better access how to comprise the board.

at the moment, which is absolutely unpublishable, right! we begin with:

gordon stewart: brilliant early thing participant and previous presidential speech writer and theatre director
martin lui: the previous board director of white box
shamin momin: director of whitney- philip morris.

within the next week we hope to secure an additional two others who are currently in cultivation mode. our short list includes previous members and others, but you can imagine that it is like re-casting The Usual Suspects...Benecio del Toro's mumble does not work unless Pete Postelwaite is such a douch. 

so you see, again, the thingist, itself is hopefully our first tool to move in all directions.

with the current players...who to cast? funding (here and abroad), pr, intellect, academic, insider, artist attitude...all, what etc.

joy, joy and horror and then perhaps hoy again.


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Names, cities, ages and areas of expertise of the "new board" please. I want to make mention of the listserv's revival -- and Thing in general -- on the newspaper-sanctioned blogspace I maintain at blog.lehighvalleylive.com/mixed-bag.


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