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Thu Apr 7 15:52:15 UTC 2011

Documentary Night with David Gray & Katie McQuerrey 


The People vs. Betty Gooch (2011, 57 min) David Gray 


The true crimes and punishment of Betty Gooch, alleged grandmother
con-artist of the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. An in-depth look at
confidence crime, collective guilt, and the role of the media in the
dispensation of justice. 

In 2004, an elderly grandmother is arrested in the Northwest suburbs of
Chicago and Betty Gooch becomes an instant tabloid media sensation. But
who is Betty Gooch? Just another little old lady struggling with
ill-heath and low income? Or an unhinged criminal sociopath using rubber
checks to scam car dealerships?

With exclusive access to Ms. Gooch, this provocative documentary
examines the old-boy connections among her "victims," investigates an
outrageous ethical failing of her lead attorney, and looks beyond
conventional notions of right and wrong to suggest that judgment itself
comes with its own moral risks.

Interview subjects include Ms. Gooch (filmed while incarcerated at the
Cook County jail), her car dealer victims, the police, her lawyers, and
her daughter (and possible co-conspirator). A missed court date, a
politically driven prosecution, and a media circus add up to a three
year prison sentence, and, ultimately, a tragic and unsettling end. 

Never Say Die (2003, 53 min) Katie McQuerrey and David Gray

5 years in the life of the world's greatest Black Sabbath tribute band,
Never Say Die has its first NY screening since 2004. Tom, Joe, Danny,
and Scott play Bill Ward, Ozzy Osbourne, Tonny Iommi and Geezer Butler
with heart, soul, and consequence. When a dream to go on tour overseas
comes true (albeit to Puerto Rico), newfound success forces the members
of the band to finally face their interpersonal demons. Also featuring
appearances by Black Dog and Ozmosis. "An engaging non-fiction account
of the longest gigging, hardest working Black Sabbath cover band
in...let's just say the history of the world." - Ann Hornaday,
Washington Post

The Thing @ White Slab Palace 
April 11, 2011, 8 – 10 PM
77 Delancey Street (corner of Allen)
New York, New York


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