[Experimental-intermedia] Exp Intermedia December concert series #2

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Concerts will be streamed live from our website at 9pm sharp NYC timeon the dates listed: www.experimentalintermedia.org Right after each concert we invite performersand audience to join "The EI Virtual Kitchen Hang", our Zoom meetingroom, to interact between each other and with us. TheEI Virtual Kitchen Hang Zoom link:https://zoom.us/j/2120765064?pwd=KzhqdkJmcUkrMGdTZGw0WnV0REZWQT09MeetingID: 212 076 5064Passcode:869302 EarlHoward    (New York)                                                                           Sunday 6  TheProgram: Curtis  2019 - Kurzweill 2600 synthesizer, Live performance - 46minutes and The Cold Hard Tooth 2020 - Alto- saxophone / composer andperformer-Live Performance 25 minutes; Notes about Curtis; It is often the case that music is defined by thedevelopment of thematic elements which tell a story; the sound of the music isa part of the elaboration of a story, whether in atonal, linear or nonlinearmusic; Curtis has no themes, but there are many stories; these are notstatements in themselves - they are components of their environments; sounddoes not only sing or harmonize - it is the substance and location of place,mass, and flow - for the sound elements, representing fieldrecordings from an imaginary world        earlhowardmusic.com Bob Bellerue   (New York)                                                                                    Monday  7    "Imperfect Conditions" -  macrotonal music from a clutteredlandscape, improvised resonance and feedback           bobbellerue.net  Julien Ottavi and Jenny Pickett (UK, Fr)                                                       Wednesday 9    Solar Return - //UniVERSE//- Audio-visual performance using modular synth, crotales and mutant guitar-bass- invented instruments in combination with live 3D animation of cosmicastrophysics geometry; the artists duo Solar Return will once more embrace thenetworkfor acyber-performance through the fiber-optics into outer-spacehttp://noiser.org      http://jennypickett.art            http://apo33.org Austin Larkin (Connecticut)                                                                                Friday 11Experiments and Observations on DifferentTypes of Reflection"; A solo performance of violin, light projector,mirror, perspective, gesture, room       www.austinlark.in Gill Arno    (New York)                                                                                      Monday 14Gill Arno’s current work explores sound/imagerelationships through a process of animated and sonified thermography; he is presenting aseries of short studies in which composition and improvisation are variously combined;Website (not updated since 1916) - http://www.m-i-c-r-o.net/mpld/mpldinfo/info.html Ka Baird              (NewYork)                                                                                                 Tuesday 15Ictum Exercises (Polyrhythmic Studies) is anaudiovisual performance that takes a single randomized pattern through severalpermutations using electronics, flute, recorder, breath and voice overlaid with sound reactive colorfields and pulses by multimedia artist Camilla Padgitt-Coles        https://www.kabaird.com         http://www.ivymeadows.net Matthias Kaiser, Hans Tammen, Shoko Nagai  (Cologne,NY, NY)                                   Wednesday16Kaiser, violin; Nagai, Moog; Tammen, buchla;  Human sound sources join over theinternet to freely exchange sonic explorations using acoustic, electroacousticand electronic systems; Kaiser performs from Cologne, Germany, and Nagai /Tammen from NYC       kaiserandsound.com       shokonagai.net           tammen.org Mike Bullock (Massachusetts)                                                                     Thursday 17    Hydrophonisphere is a solo performance usingthe inner- & under-sounds of the flow and fall of water, filtered byanalog, digital, and mechanical means; the second in a three-part suite ofpieces that started with October's Ultrasonisphere    mikebullock.bandcamp.com            earsin.space Our programsare supported by the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, the  PhaedrusFoundation, Fridman Gallery, and the New York State Council on the Arts withthe support of Governor Andrew  Cuomo and the New York State Legislature;this project is also made  possible with funds from the NYSCA ElectronicMedia/Film in  Partnership with Wave Farm: Media Arts Assistance Fund,with the  support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York StateLegislature224Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013   212 431 5127, 4316430www.experimentalintermedia.organd www.XIrecords.org The video-audio recordings of the concerts will be posted onour website the morning after each concert and will remain there until our nextseries in March 2021 
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